About Us

We are a reliable travel partner both when planning a personal vacation and for business or corporate purposes. We are happy to have been successfully developing the travel organization business in Lithuania for 25 years. Everyday, travelers are consulted by 45+ professional travel consultants at the Estravel Travel Center in Vilnius. We are a reliable travel partner both when planning a personal vacation and for business or corporate purposes. 

The importance of travel has grown very strongly over the last decade. We travel for different purposes led by:

  • holidays;
  • research or exchange programs;
  • business trips.

Along with the importance of travel, the geography of travel has grown very strongly. Travelers have many questions: how, where, when to plan a trip, what travel services need to be booked in advance, and when the prices are best? 

We believe that having a professional travel consultant is no less important than having a doctor, lawyer, or banker. Estravel invests both financial and time resources daily to provide the latest knowledge to our employees in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, USA, and Australia


With the rapid increase in the number of trips and the expansion of the geography of travels, we have formed teams at the Estravel Travel Center that specialize in meeting all the traveler‘s expectations. 

The goal of the Business Travel Team is to help every traveler achieve their business goals at the best value for money. It doesn‘t matter at all if you travel once a month or 50 times; it doesn‘t matter how many of your colleagues travel daily. With more than 20 years of travel experience, we have developed travel organization tools that meet the travel needs of both the individual and the global corporation.  

The goal of the Leisure (Recreational and Cognitive) Travel Team is to select the most suitable trip after finding out the needs of travelers, which would not only allow relaxation of the physical body but also enrich the spirit and inspire new goals. 

The Public Procurement Team aims to help budget companies carry out public procurement in the most transparent way and to ensure value for money for traveling civil servants.  

The goal of the Travel in Lithuania Team is to give the joy of cognition to both company employees and guests coming to our beautiful country. If you need an entertaining day trip for your team or you are planning a big conference in Lithuania, our services and tips will come in handy. 

The Motivational Travel Team aims to create a trip with you that would bring your team together to achieve common goals in the fastest wat, motivate your partners and clients to work together. 

Traveling is not just about plane tickets and hotels. The travel is impressions and experiences and part of your own story. We invite you to look at traveling responsibly and at the same time creatively because travel is the best investment.