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Iki liepos 31 d. geriausios sąlygos žiemos sezono kelionėms.

Ideas for Conferences and Meetings
Mice event in Vilnius
City break in Vilnius, Tallinn or Riga
Incentive trip across the Baltics! 3 capitals in one go!
City break in Riga
City break in Tallinn

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Baltic Countries - perfect destinations for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. hhh


Estravel Vilnius team has designed a portfolio of well-planned and creative off the beaten track solutions to your event or conference. Browse through our suggested list of ideas and select the one that would ensure the maximum experience of the local flavors and colors.

The best place for meetings, incentives, conferences and events - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia!


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Conferences Ideas

Regular Conference package with Estravel

Regular Conference Package

What is hidden behind this title?

Cultural Conference package with Estravel

Cultural Conference package

If UNESCO experts fall for it, why not explore it yourself? Read more...

SPA Conference package with Estravel SPA Conference package

A perfect way to show why it is a great decision. Read more...

Beach Conference package with Estravel

Beach Conference package

It‘s just here, in the Baltics.


Funky Conference package with estravel

Funky Conference package

Hi-tech and state of the art technologies placed in most unbelievable places. Read more...

 Conference packages with estravel

More  ideas for Conferences and Meetings

A conference can be held in many places.

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